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Artist Fancystud

My moniker is Fancystud and my real name is Daniel Aguayo. I am originally from Compton, California. I lived in California for about 7 years. I have lived the rest of my life in Phoenix, Arizona. The first rap song I ever heard was an Eminem song. The song was "Real Slim Shady" by Eminem. I was blown away on how the words attracted me to wanting to listen to the song over and over again even though he was saying and doing things that went against the norm. Basically what I was occustumed to. Since I liked Eminem's song so much I went to the nearest music store and bought a cassette of biggest hits based on the 2000 Source Hip Hip Music Awards. Then I went on to listen to rap songs by Eminem and other rappers like Jay Z, Bone Thugz and Harmony, Bow Wow, and Kanye West. I found a website called DopeTracks in 2007. I started messing around with recording and creating lyrics on the website. While playing around and recording/saving not even full verses I quickly noticed how I felt about music. I thought it was cool that I could be on an instrumental and actually sound okay. I went on to create 2 covers. I placed the song cover on my MySpace account. I let my friends hear the tracks and they mostly liked the covers. At this point I was very encouraged and thought I could make music. In 2010 I met DRG and OGG (AFOE SWA SYSTEM) and Jokersbeat. I met both through Skype giving the fact that DRG and OGG live in the Netherlands and JokersBeat livesin Nevada. After talking for a while they said I could join squadmusiq. My first ever song was released in 2011. It was a collaboration between me and OGG. It turned out to be a good song. A lot of people liked the song. The song reached second place on the charts of DopeTracks. I have gone on to make a few more songs ever since. I plan on releasing a mixtape soon so be on the look out!
~ Fancystud

Some accomplishments that I have achieved include:

  • Chef's Recipe (Prod. by uGet2KnowM3) 2nd place on DopeTracks.com
    Chef's Recipe (uGet2KnowM3 Instrumental and Mastering) 2nd place
  • Hit em With The Flow (Feat. DRG) (Jokersbeat Instrumental) 3rd place on DopeTracks.com
    Hit em With the Flow FT DRG  (Jokersbeat Instrumental) 3rd place
  • Solutionz (Prod. by DRG) 7th place on DopeTracks.com
    Solutionz (DRG Instrumental) 7th place

If you would like to collaborate just hit me up by filling out the contact form or finding me on a popular social network site! Thanks!